At TGO, we specialize in delivering the world’s highest quality genetic testing for the diagnosis of rare diseases. We offer the world’s biggest genetic testing portfolio and provide our clients with a tailor made service that is adapted to their medical needs throughout the process of reaching a diagnosis.


Our mission aims at facilitating the understanding of each person’s inner structure in order to take care of their health and their families and work together for prevention of inherited diseases.


In order to provide the most comprehensive testing portfolio for the most difficult cases and without compromising on quality, we have partnered with one of the world’s pioneering and largest genetic testing providers based out of Germany; Centogene AG, www.centogene.com (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD COMPANY BROCHURE)



People are different, their genes are unique and their culture plays a role; they need tailor made medicine, we strive to become pioneers in providing personalized medicine to our patients.


We differ ourselves by aiming to understand each patient’s unique genetic characteristics and clinical history, with our unique all disease genetic testing portfolio and quality measures we find the simplest and safest solutions to reach a definitive diagnosis away from the accumulative costs of traditional medicine.


We provide simplest and safest solutions through highest quality standards and innovative technologies and logistical solutions.



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Social responsibility, community and outreach programs

At the Genome outpost we are not profit driven, and we believe that every person has the fundamental right to the right of medicine and good health.


We make sure that communities, patients and their families have a better awareness and education about genetic illnesses to help them receive the right forms of medical management or prevent them in future generations.


If you or a member of your family need genetic testing, but can’t afford it, contact us; our community outreach officer will accompany you to better understand your needs.



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